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Andrew Zimmern is a world-class chef, television host and producer, writer, and -- at the end of the day -- teacher. You've probably seen his shows Bizarre Foods and Dining with Death. In 2010 and 2013 he was awarded the James Beard Foundation Award, which annually presents awards for excellence in cuisine, culinary writing, and culinary television.

But many people don't know the earlier chapters in his life.  At one point, he was sleeping on the streets, stealing purses, and shooting heroin. In our interview, he shares all.  We delve into everything, including his culinary tricks, how he developed his hit TV show, his influences, key turning points in his life, beating addiction, and much more.

This is a powerful interview.

It's full of tactics for anyone, and it has extra insights for all types of compulsive behavior (and, really, who doesn't have at least one?).  I hope you enjoy it.

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